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Misleading competitors. Avoid? Reseach forum.

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There are many completions in DTG world. Which is very good. However misleading end users are often happening.
Yesterday, received one email with big lie.
Have to lie to sell is sad.

1. Parts not available to Epson
A: in USA end users can buy from Compass Micro - An Authorized Epson and Canon Printer Service Center : Home all day long. On any Epson printers. EU many more.

2. Some of Epson printer manufacturing is not finished. Especially Epson 4880.
I am waiting for 1 40' container full(112units) from my friend in EU. I request yesterday. Not enough money not Epson don't have them. Lol.

Two days ago Newest NeoFamily send me this email [from another vendor that says that All American can't get parts, which is untrue]
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