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thanks for your reply. you say "opaque papers" - what do you mean? what are they and if i use them on dark t-shirts, would there be no polymer window?

and is the same true for phototrans imageclip transfer papers for laser color printers? that they only work without the polymer window on white tees?
Imageclip is not limited to white only shirts. It works great on light color shirts also and believe me there is no polymer window. I suggest you get some samples from a vendor and try it for yourself. That's how I decided to go with Imageclip. For me it is the best there is amongst the transfer I have tried beside the One Step Brite from Airwaves. Used One Step Brite for 12 years. Had to stop using it since the ink for my Thermal Transfer Printer has been discontinued.

Magic Touch is coming out with opaque transfer that uses Imageclip technique sometime this month. I have read from other forum that the sample shirt presented in the trade show looked impressive. Colorstarink is a Magic Touch distributor. Keep checking their website for announcement and sample offering. Hopefully it is the "Holy Gail" for dark shirt. I think the paper is called WOW 7.0.

Here is the link: Colorstar Ink

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