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Maybe if enough of us show interest the manufacturer would continue to make it, if they are truely considering putting a hault to manufacturing it.

I love the paper. Does it have a hellacious lerning curve? You betcha! Is it a pain in the butt? Most definately. Do you hate it when you don't get the edges straightened out enough and the printer head catches on the edge of the paper and rips it, and the ink jets get all clogged up wih that white stuff, and your 6-year old hears a lot of cuss words and looks in awe as his dad does the 'I'm losing my mind' dance all around the room? I know I do.

Why do people like this pain in the butt paper. Because of the end results. Look girls, your husband is a pain in the butt, right? You love him anyway though because he is so good at mowing the grass and killing bugs, don't you? And guys, your wife is a pain in the butt too, isn't she? But you love her because she knows what shirt goes with which pair of pants, keeps you from picking your nose at red lights, and lets you skip shaving on some weekends. Tell mme, what could be better?
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