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badalou said:
I thank you because I am using Iron all and it does cost a lot. But I love it.. But I also love money.. that stays in me pocket.. I also received test papers like this from personalized papers. Now the paper is great.. But they use boiler room sales people to call us out here. And their minimum is 100 sheets. I don't always need 100 sheets. and you have to pay for shipping. I think I will give the company that you recommended a try. Be sure to tell them they owe you a commission.. And Nicoli.. we know you meant well. you get caught up in this thing..
Badalou, I started out with 25 sheets of MiraCool from www.personalizedsupplies.com. Was satisfied and willing to put up with fussiness.

So went up to 100 sheets which brings the price down to 55-cents per sheet before shipping.

Now just made huge order including 300 sheets of MiraCool.
I also buy the Magic Mix inks and MagicJet (TransJetII) paper so the shipping is off-set. Plus, I don't have to worry about ruining paper/running out, etc.

I have never had a sales call from personalizedsupplies.com (also known as TLM Supply House)? It is a small business (which I'm happy to support) providing very personal customer service. You might want to email Cindy about this. I wonder if someone is trying to redirect business? Just a thought.

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