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Hi, Anyone know a good and inexpensive place that will help me clean up a design for use on business cards, stickers, t-shirt, etc.? we just started a business and i made up a rough copy in Windows Vista Home Premium Paint and was cleaning it up so it's not so jagged around the edges but it's just not precise enough. Plus, when i saved my work in the middle of my project and came back to it later and the 800% zoom that showed specific pixels all deliberate and clear, were suddenly all blurred and multi shaded. i dont get it. so instead of fighting with paint i would like to take what i have and try to slavage it somehow with a professional's help. Like i said, the business is new...like a week old and there is no money in it until i can start to make a profit so i really cant afford the 2 to 6 hundred for Adobe Illustrator.
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