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Minum charges

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Just getting started , doing hats , shirts , bags
Looking for the minum charge , I have been using $1 per 1000 for just the sewing + $ for the art work done by others
Now I'm getting requests for names on a bag they come out to less than 2000 stitches and takes about 6 or so minutes to hoop and sew , I'm thinking I need to have a $3 - $5 minum but starting out I don't want to be high and loose the work
How much is your minum ??????
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Its not just the time hooping and running an item, there's time spent with the customer discussing the design, choosing colors , friendly chit-chat etc, and that time is the same whether its one piece or a dozen pieces.

If there is little or no design set up involved, like with names or a pre-existing logo, I charge a minimum of $10-$15 for one item and $15-$20 for two.

If there is considerable set up time involved I charge for that in addition which varies depending on how complex and involved the design is.

With my regular customers that I get large repeat orders from, I am much more lenient.

I used to not have minimums at all, I was so worried about overcharging. Then one day I had a plumber come unplug a drain. It took him 15 minutes and it was $65. THAT was his minimum.
25.00.....And that makes lots of folks cranky.....But too bad.....I need to make enough to make it worth my time....
I would charge $5-$10 depending on how many bags.
We are $5 for letters and $8 for a logo, both under 4". Qty does not matter.
We charged $12-15 for a minimum. Also we don't do lettering by counting letter like some. The first line is $15 and each line after that is $10, so a 2 line logo is $25. At some shows people have a book on their jackets and pay accordingly.
We are too cheap right now, but are working on that. We are at $8 minimum for anything under 5000 stitches. This assumes we are doing simple designs without much/any design. If we have to do design work we look at around $12 min. At this level we are about $2 - $4 under our local competition. We are looking at bumping our minimums up by $2 as we near the end of the year.

If we have to digitize, we start our setup fee at around $25 depending on the complexity of the design. We were told in our training if we call it a "setup fee" we retain some intellectual rights to the design and therefore do not have to give the design to them if they find a home embroiderer to do the work. As we were told, if we call it a "digitizing fee" then the client has paid for digitizing and we have less intellectual rights. As we explain it to our clients, our setup fee is for setting the design up, testing it, and correcting any problems prior to application to their garment.
well alot of contract embroiders I have seen charge in the ball park 3-5 for a name and I didn't see a min on that. I have been doing embroidery for a couple of yrs and I guess you can say we have not really set ourselves a set price for stuff. we mostly wing it since it can very with customers. like right now we are doing some shirts for a car dealership and the guys might have to pay on their own and I don't want to overcharge the guys but I can see I don't want to undercharge myself either. I guess it's a coin flip. I have some other people who do the same and will sit down this summer and see what I can do about getting ourselves a price sheet.
We are $5 for letters and $8 for a logo, both under 4". Qty does not matter.

How many letters for $5 How many colors and detailed can the logo be for $8?

You can keep your pricing structure just enforce a minimum. We have set a minimum order of $15. The cost to fulfill an order from writing the order, running the order, employee to take the order, employee to run the order, and the supplies needed to produce the order all add up - Don't just look at the stitch amount.

You won't lose the work @ $15

We charge $10.00 per name if garment purchase from us... $15.00 on customers merchamdise... $7.50 additional lines. Hope that helps.
Our minimums are 5 per item stitch only and 15 per order stitch only. we do break that rule for our bigger customers that order 250+ pieces at a time. we do alot of hats that only have a company name on them and 2k in stitches but as others have said there is still time to take order, print recipt, hoop item pull, up design, and run.

there is always a point when if you dont set a minimum you will loose money. if you take 3 pieces at 6 minutes each run time and do paper work etc you are atleast 30 minutes into the job. if you charge any less than that sell your machines and go get a job at mcdonalds. You didnt spend 10k to 100k to start a business to make minimum wage did you
we do also have a single head PR 1000 for those small orders so they dont tie up our prodution of our multi head
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