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mimaki any other software?

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Is there any other software that works with the 604d? I really don't like the rasterlink any other software that people having good success with?
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was doing a little looking into this, as I'm considering adding a brother printer to the 604D. Since Brother doesn't make a print driver for Mac, I was trying to come up with a good solution for sending files to the machine. The best I have so far is to save file as a .jpg or a .png and print it out of the viewer that comes with windows. (normally, you would print out of photoshop, but since i own a mac version, I don't really want to spend another $700 just to own another copy of the same software I already own.)

anyway, the brother guys mentioned to me (only after I asked) that there is a RIP that supports the Brother. It's from Ergosoft, and it's called TexPrint. Turns out, it also supports the Mimaki, and not just in color printing, but discharge as well! I had a conversation with the Wasatch people about a year or two ago. Their RIP supports the mimaki as well, but only in color mode. I believe the wasatch RIP runs about 3 grand. I haven't got a direct price quote on the ergosoft RIP, but I'm told it's about 1200 bucks. Has a LOT of features, a number of which will probably never be used by me, but it supports ICC profiles, and it sounds like it may even have setups for printing of different color shirts. (apparently, the brother does this as well). So, if you're printing on a yellow shirt, it would tweak the colors to work as well as possible in conjunction with the color of the shirt.

I will be finding out more next week. Don't know if this is an interesting option for you or not. Let me know?

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