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Micro-Registration Print Heads

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Looking to upgrade my printing capabilities but don't have the money to purchase an entire new press. I'm looking for used print heads with micro-registration so I can engineer a way to connect them to my press. I will fabricate whatever it takes, so I don't care what kind of press it is, other than that it has micro-registration. If the heads have little quirks about them that you have to learn to work around, that is fine, as long as there are no huge problems that prevent them from being used at all. I have a four color machine, so I am looking for four heads. If you have six heads laying around from a six color machine, I would gladly take all of them off your hands as well so I could have a couple extras. Thank you for your time and please feel free to email me if you have such items. my email address is omnicow at gmail dot com
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