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MHM Want £75.00 for an exposure calculator!

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Now I can appreciate what a handy piece of kit it maybe but it is just a piece of film isn't it with some gradients on etc?

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Thanks. Thats the kind of method I'm using now, just wanted something to stick on the odd screen maybe once a week to keep an eye on things whilst exposing jobs. Plus i wanna try a few different emulsions.

£25 I was expecting, £40 I would have probably stretched to. I was even expecting a 'buy a load of chemicals and get one free answer' but £75?

I understand we all gota make a profit and I know value for money, but I also know when someones taking the michael.
Not one to resurect old threads but it's interesting that after my comments above I got a call from someone high up in MHM, maybe the UK director? but I forget his name - this was quite a few months ago.

Nice chap and explained to me the reasoning behind the cost of the autotype exposure calculator - fair enough. Then went on to tell me how good MHM were to the little guy etc etc and promised to send me through best prices on inks and chemicals.......but nothing ever came through. I was gonna get a calculator too once I'd got their info through. :(

I got the impression he was personally put out by my comments and that I was dissing MHM, which I wasn't, how can I as I've never delt with them. He's obviously passionate about his company which is rare these days from a big boy.

Kudos for ringing me though - I guess you never know who's reading your posts. We're pretty insignificant in size compared to them so fair play to them for on the customer service side to chase something up from a public forum. :)

FAIL on the price list follow up though. All talk i guess. :D

Oh and if you read this follow up Mr MHM there had better be a free exposure calculator paper clipped to that price list if you ever get around to sending it, otherwise its going in the bin......lol just kidding!;)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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