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MHM index updates ?

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Can anyone point me to the right place to find code to update our mhm e - type software so that I can lower the index speed ? We have 3 MHM's autos, 2 have the index settings already installed. The one I use every day needs this update to be flashed via USB. Been looking on the net and at MHM website, tho it's down due to updating at the moment. Need this update so that i don't need to tuck the sleeve in on every garment once loaded (2,500 pc's). The sleeve is jumping when indexing which in return is hitting the screen. No fun for the chap at the end of the dryer when it comes to spotting the garments :(.

Any help would be greatful.
I have asked if we are ok to update via usb, which we got the green light :D. It's just finding the firmware to update it with which is the problem.

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