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Metro Embroidery Tread in SWF 1501?

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Next week i go to pick up my new (well referbished but new to me) SWF 1501T I have read such great things about the machine and cant wait to get it. I currently have two home embroidery machines and use Metro thread and love it! Has anyone used it with their SWF or commerical machines?

any other tips and tricks for my new machine? i've been using home embroidery machines for three years and inally got my business where i have the money and income to suport me going up.

thanks for any tips and tricks!


Added: also what type of bobbins do you suggest. i have seen the cardboard sided ones and the plastic sided i know home embroidery machines do now work well with cardboard bobbins.
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Two things. I use magnetic bobbins. They stay more consistant thru the entire spool. Do not try to do your own you will find the tensions will be uneven. Also in the bobbin case u may see a flat cicular spring on the inside back of the case. Just take it out. Thats straight from swfeast.
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