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Mesh Count / Ink Type Help

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I'm still pretty new at this. No matter how much I search, I can't find any visual examples that show mesh count in relation to how much detail you are going for. I'm wanting to print the picture in the link below as white ink on a black shirt (without the "sample" obviously). What mesh and type of ink would be appropriate for this kind of job?

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anthem screen printing has this on their website. it shows a piece of a pic and tells you the mesh size thats best for it.
I've seen that. It made me think around 200 mesh for the amount of detail in my design, but I wasn't sure if that would turn out well.
a 160 mesh is largely sufficient
Looks like a 160 mesh would be fine. Use Phoenix White on the print. Very opaque & creamy.
Good Luck
U could hold this image on a 156. Are the shirts 100% cotton? If so, a nice discharge white would look awesome (assuming the shirts discharge properly). 2 passes and off. Bright white and soft. I love these kind of designs done in wb/discharge. But if ur using regular plastisol u will be fine as well. 156 still fine. I would under expose very slightly and wash out carefully and you’ll get every detail. Print flash print and u should get a nice bright white, clean image.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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