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For making emblems, MESA Distributors offers its exclusive VISTA 1.8-ounce medium-weight tearaway. Medium-weight tearaway is ideal for making custom emblems that are 100% stitches. Simply sandwich together two or three layers of medium-weight tearaway and start the machine. Once the emblem is embroidered, you simply tear away the excess, and you’re ready to apply the emblem to the garment.
MESA’s VISTA tearaway provides a firm non-stretching base for stitches and is ideal for low- to medium-density stitch counts. It tears away easily and cleanly once a piece is finished. It comes in 6-by-6 inch and 8-by-8 inch precut squares that are packaged in groups of 1,000 sheets each. It also is available in 44-inch by 100-yard rolls. VISTA Tearaway also comes in 1.2 ounce, 2.2 ounce, and 2.8 weights.
For more information, go to www.mesadist.com; call (800) 456-3727; or e-mail: sales@mesadist.com


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