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I was approved for a Mech By Amazon account and wondering if it's wise to sell my designs on Amazon or should I just stick to selling and building a brand on my own website?
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I do both, but I tend to have different designs on MBA than on my own site.

MBA is very sensitive about trademark, copyright, and anything that might cast Amazon in a bad light.

Nothing too sexy. Nothing profane AT ALL. No celebrities, other than politicians. No games, movies, books, stars. And no mention of any brands or trademarks in your listing text, NONE. Every submission is inspected by bots and, while you are getting started, by actual humans. They will hand you your a$$ and show you the door if you repeatedly fail to catch the clue. Reapplication is not allowed. They use all that data they have on everyone to keep rejected people permanently rejected.

Most on MBA are falling over each other to make 10,000 copies of every shirt that has ever had a BSR (Best Seller Rank) above stone cold dead, and then try to compete on price in a throat cutting bloodbath in order to get to the next tier and do it with even more designs. People/groups sell tools to help chase BSR and trends, and YouTube gurus blather endlessly about MBA riches in order to get enough followers to monetize their YouTube channels. A waste of skin and air, the lot of them.

If you've got some unique designs and passion and knowledge about some niche, go with that. And don't cheap-out on the pricing. Amazon knows a thing or trillion about making money online. They set the default prices where they did because that is the price point that maximizes their bottom-line profit, meaning the most $ after #Sales * $ProfitEa.
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