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Gildan - Men's - Dark Heather, Military Green, Texas Orange
Women's - Dark Heather, n/a , n/a

Canvas - Men's - Burnt Orange, Dark Heather, Olive
Women's - n/a , Dark Heather, *Army* not Olive

And so on.... I can find my green in men's and women's American Apparel, but not my burnt orange and dark grey...

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The 3001 Canvas Unisex Jersey Crew Neck Tee is definitely worth sampling. The unisex is great because is has the universal wearability, while the tailored cut that is standard for all BELLA + CANVAS tees keeps it looking great on men and women. The 3001 comes in Burnt Orange, Olive and Dark Grey Heather!

However, if you are a little more flexible with your colors, there is also the 3005 which is a unisex v-neck - but also has the 6005 as a ladies companion style!

Hope this helps!

- Kat
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