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It is interesting that I come across this thread after having attended a funeral for an uncle that passed away this past week. During the wake two of his nephews showed up with memorial tees. ANd unlike the article posted by badalou this wasn't someone that died young or a tragic death, but I could see where if he had been young maybe there would have been more people wearing the tees.

I was thinking about what Greg was saying about not being comfortable doint these tees or taking money froma grieving family but I started thinking there are a lot of businesses that make money directly and indirectly from death. After the long funeral many of the family members were hungry and met at a restaurant to eat and the restaurant still charged regular price. SOme family members came in from out of town and the airlines, car rentals, hotels all still charged regular price. So I don't really see why anyone would feel not right about selling these memorial tees. JMO and if you don't feel comfortable I respect that. IF you get asked, just recommend a fellow printer.
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