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A few years back I was a better classical guitarist than I am now. (bear with me I am on topic) anyway I used to play every few weeks for free at my church. One weekend I did a version of Greensleeves (one of my favorite songs) A member of the congregation was visably moved. It seemed this was also his moms favorite and she had just died the night before. Needless to say I was asked to play at the funeral. I said yes immediatly and was not even thinking about money. After the wedding he came up and stuffed a $100 bill in my pocket he explained that I would be doing him and his mom a diservice NOT to accept the money. I thought about this a while and prayed about it and eventually used the money on a nice dinner with my family were we celebrated that we loved each other. I told him about it later and he seemed very pleased. What I am getting at is that many people would be offended if you DID NOT recieve fair compensation for your work.
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