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Solmu said:
Definitely. Morals aren't objective (much as we like to think our own are), so it will always be a personal decision.
I agree 100% and as much as we like to think we know how we would handle a situation we don't really untill we find ourselves in it.... a few months ago the parents of a young man,that was murdered, came in and ordered some memorial shirts for their son.... as much as the thought and moral issues my lead me to think I wouldn't really don't want to do this order, One look in the parents eyes and there was no way on earth I could "Not" do this order... when they came back to pick them up, their eyes lit up when I showed them the finished shirts in a way that moved me very profoundly....
I would like to think that I would turn down future orders of this type because they are not fun to do...but the reality is... when I look in their eyes I probably wont be able to say "No Thank You" ..once again....
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