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Melco machine with sequin attachment

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If you have a machine with the sequin attachment does it come with the digitizing software for sequins or is that something extra to be purchased? I'm looking at buying a used machine and seller isn't sure because they bought it in a packaged deal from screen printing business and don't use it.
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I think u need designshop pro+. In my software there is a sequin option.
Thank you! I will ask if that's the program.
He's selling you a Melco embroidery machine with sequin attachment? Or just the attachment?
It's the complete set up including computer.
Ok. They should already have the software to run it too. Just make sure they do. I would also call Melco and see what it would cost also for a package like that. I have seen people selling used machines a couple years old for almost as much as a new one costs. Not trying to discourage you just trying to give you options
Thank you I really appreciate the help. I will get all the info and give melco a call to compare.
Good luck! I have an xts and am very happy with it.
As stated, you need to have software that is capable of digitizing sequins... I have an SWF with the sequin attachment and Embroidery Office Max which can digitize for sequins.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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