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I have a like new Melco G2 I bought new in October of 2011. I am not using it as I thought I would so I am offering it up for sale. I will include everything that came with it and things I bought to use with it. I have it on a lease and I know I cannot sell for my lease payoff so I will have to carry a balance. The lease company is fine with that. It will be all yours upon purchase. I have a Hix S-650P 16x20 auto open digital heat press purchased in October 2011 as well. I just put new white ink cartridges in it and have a full set of color cartridges to go with also. This is still under warranty. I am selling the G2 for 15k or the G2 and heat press for 16k. That is quit a bit less than payoff. I am willing to take a hit to save my credit but selling for any less than that I would let them repo it. Get it before it's too late.

More info here http://www.melco.com/g2-direct-garment-printer

Email me any questions. dirttoo@mchsi.com Thanks, Marty
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