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Melco EMC6/4 Machine starter package

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We have on sale this embroidery package contains all need it to start your own embroidery business, here is a description of the items of this package:


1) Embroidery machine: Machine Model is EMC6/4, this machine doesn't have trimmers, recently serviced by a Melco Technician, equipment is in a good shape and working condition, was upgraded to read USB flash drives.

2) Floppy Emulator: Upgraded to read flash drives, will include one flash drive with the operating system of the machine and transfer files.

3) Hoops (total 12 pieces): Includes 4 hoops of 6 inches round, 4 hoops oval 8 X 13 inches and 4 hoops oval 12 X 17 inches.

4) Some thread and backing (Assorted).


1) Computer and Accessories: Computers is a DELL Optiplex 330 with a slim case, all software has a fresh installation, here is a list of the components:

a) Computer (CPU Unit): Dell Optiplex 330, with a hard drive of 80 Gigabytes capacity and 2 gigabytes of ram.

b) Monitor Asus of 20 inches view.

c) Keyboard, mouse and Power cables.

2) Software and accessories: Windows XP Pro and Melco Design shop (Digitizing software) were reinstalled on the computer, here is a list of the components included:

a) Windows XP Pro installation disk: 1 cd-rom.

b) Melco Design Shop Version 5 (1 cd-rom): Digitizing program, all options activated, you can make your own designs, change the size and edit them, please be aware, Software is not Upgradable to a newer version.

c) Driver disk (1 cd-rom)

All equipment was thoroughly tested in order to prevent any DOA (Death on arrival), the computer was cleaned and all the software reinstalled. Embroidery machine was tuned, cleaned and tested. For that reason is sold "AS IS" with no returns allowed under any circumstance.

We are not going to make any arrangement for Shipping or Packing the equipment, after your cleared payment, you have 3 days to pick up the equipment. We can offer you 1-day training for the embroidery machine (We sorry, but we don't offer training for the digitizing software).

We are asking for $5,700 USD. We are open to reasonable offers If you have any questions or need additional pictures feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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