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ok, so im a noob so what?

now that thats out of the way heres my suggestion.

1) can someone setup a general guide to tshirt printing ie.
what kind of printing looks like what. like if you want to get multiple colors on a design with a sticky ink feeling use this type of printing or if you want to print shirts will full color pictures use this type of printing or if your going for the vintage tee look use screen printing etc.

i think it would be helpful for the new people like myself to decide and to see what is an option and what is not

2) types and weight of shirts
how do AA shirts feel compared to pro clubs, what demographic or niche markets like. are AA shirts like abercrombie shirts or like stussy shirts etc

People might not be able to order samples from all the brands they hear about on here and may just need some direction on which brands to go with or look into.

thats all i can think of right now.if anyone else wants to add please do. i know the majority of the info being requested is already on the site but its all scattered about and sometimes the search function doesnt give quality links. I also think it would help with a lot of the new people coming on this board asking the same questions, you can always just point them to the sticky if its something tahts been discussed and added to teh sticky.

what do you guys think?

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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion.

I moved it to the "Feedback Forum" since that's where forum suggestions should go.

I'm not a big fan of "stickied" threads, because they tend to make forums harder to read, and people don't really read them at all.

Another way to find past threads, if the search function isn't working well for you, is to try the Google search of the forums.

Try this search term method in Google to just search t-shirtforums posts:
site:www.t-shirtforums.com proclub

It can sometimes give much better results than our forum search.
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