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Max pressure for teflon pillow

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I'm considering purchasing a teflon pillow to reduce/eliminate the heat press marks that appear on performance shirts after pressing.

After reading the below article in Printwear magazine though, I'm concerned that the teflon pillow may not allow for the heavy pressure required with the transfers we're using (F&M Athletic Formula).

In your experience, what is the max pressure a teflon pillow can accommodate?

Also, are the pillows the same from all of the vendors out there (i.e. Stahls, Coastal, Pro World, etc.) or is there one that is better than the others? (i.e. the pillows sold by Pro World are a different size so I assume they are made by a different manufacturer than those sold by Stahls, Imprintables and Coastal).

Printwear Article: Hot Values | Printwear

F&M Athletic Formula Application Instructions: Custom Heat Transfers | Polyester T-shirts | Polyester Moisture Wicking Performance Fabrics | Polyester Tote Bags | Polyester Umbrellas | Polyester Sports Jersey | Iron-On Transfer Paper | Heat Transfer Machine
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Do these marks not disappear after washing? Don't wash for 24 hrs. after printing.
Press marks on polyester never wash out from my experience
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Press marks on polyester never wash out from my experience
That's been my experience as well. Do you know what the max pressure is on the teflon pillows by chance? Are they a good option to alleviate the problem?
Honestly I don't as I've never used one, I use foam like the stuff vapor markets.
And it breaks down with each use and has to be replaced regularly, I'd assume a Teflon pillow would do the same thing. The more pressure used the faster it will compress
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