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Don't have time for a full review right now, but here's a few things I noticed with a quick glance:

You have a pop-up that comes up on the main page. This is a good way to instantly lose customers that don't have pop-up blockers installed; this type of advertising is heavily frowned upon, and really tends to look unprofessional.

The navigation on the left is almost unreadable. You need to increase the contrast (make the red brighter) quite a bit.

The product pages all have a bunch of fluff at the top... this is good in some ways, but it seems to be too much in this case, and detracts from the actual products. Also, in at least some cases you have larger images that are shrunk on the page; this makes them look fuzzy AND takes extra time to load (so shrink the images down).

The site has a horizontal scrollbar on less than 1024x768 resolution; that potentially alienates 15% of your customerbase.

The 'TopicAds' on the right side don't work.

That's what I've got for now, I imagine some others will be by and point out other good and bad =)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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