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Hi, all-

We have a strange situation going on with our HM-1. We were going to print a few shirts today when we discovered:

1. Our ink bottles (white & CMYK) are all significantly lower than they were on Thursday, and:

2. Our Ink and Error Eject lights are flashing in an alternating pattern, which the manual says indicates we need to reset the Waste Ink Counter.

We started the maintenance program (after inserting the dongle, of course), but can't seem to get the program to work. Nothing seems to happen when we reset the counter and the lights continue to flash.

Perhaps we need new ink chips, but none of the ink chip LEDs are on, in fact I've never seen any of them light up, even when powering the printer on, which I would kind of expect. I'm not even sure if they work. Our gap light doesn't always light up when the platen is too high, so I'm wondering if we have a wiring or electronics problem.

Another thing I noticed today is that the WIMS system (we have the WIMS C system) is running for 20 or 30 minutes when it comes on, instead of 10 minutes. Our DIP switches are all set correctly (factory defaults) and I would swear that up until now, the WIMS has on been running for 10 minutes ever time it comes on. The switch on the back of the printer is DOWN.

I think my biggest concern here is the filled waste ink bottle. It was emptied a few days ago and we haven't printed anything since then. Can the HM1 siphon your ink?

We'll be talking to tech support on the morrow, but I'd love to hear from any of you also.



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About a month after I bought my machine, I had this same exact thing happen, that it was doing to many headcleans. Mine ended up being my firmware board and they replaced it. But if its not the board, they can also come out and reprogram your system to do less head cleans, to that your machine is not wasting so much ink. That is what I would do, is have them come and check your firmware, and if its working properly, then have them reprogram it to do less cleanings.

On the ink chips. You know what, on my machine the individual ink lights never go on on my machine as well. I just know that after I have reset them so many times, I think its four, that they are ready to replace :) I just get the alternating blinking lights on top each time I reset. If you have not replaced the ink chips yet and have been printing for awhile chances are that they need to be replaced.

Hmm I dont know why your maintenance program is not working, I have not had this problem once mine was working. Has it ever worked, or has it not worked since the beginning? Well going back and reading above it does seem that it has or is working? Have you also restarted your machine once you reset the waste ink counter? You always need to restart the machine once it is reset.

Hope this helps :)
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