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Marketing of my new brand - need your help!

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Hi @all

I set up a new market, it calls "Rana".
How can I make it, to atract as many as possible?

The URL of the site: www.rana-brand.ch.vu

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1) what will "Rana" do?
2) you can't call anything a brand until it becomes a brand (especially before you even launch it). Let's call it a "line" or "service" or something like that.
Hi Rana,

A few suggestions for your site:

You really need content before you can build a brand. It's very hard for us to envision what your "brand" is without seeing some products.

Take off the site counter. Site counters are ok for personal pages, but for business pages they don't really make sense. Besides, you don't really want people knowing that you only had 47 visitors so far.. it will be hard for them to trust you enough to spend money at your website.

Contact is spelled wrong, and Tee's should be Tees.

Fill your About page, and have a FAQ page as well with info about payment options, shipping, sizing, etc.

Let us know when you update some of those things and we can take another look. :)
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I've make an update

--> www.rana-brand.ch.vu

greez Rana
Hi Rana,

On your About page you said you founded this label as a marketing project for school. Are you going to really SELL t-shirts or is it just an experiment?

If you are actually going to sell t-shirts, I wouldn't recommend processing orders by email. Email is not secure, if someone sends you their credit card info by email it can be intercepted very easily. Just to let you know.
The site loaded slowly and awkwardly. The content should be right on the first page, otherwise I'd have no idea what you were for and would leave right away. The site design seems fractured. When I went to the tees page everything was broken-up and the menu didn't load. I don't like that little scroll box for the tee images...they should be laid out simply on the page. The text is too close to the color of the background, making it difficult to read. The overall color of the site doesn't really interest me...it just looks very drab. I don't have any idea what "rana" is or what these shirts are about, or why I should want to wear them, let alone BUY them.

Nothing about this grabs my attention at all.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, just giving honest feedback which I hope is helpfull. Keep us informed of your upgrades.
@all thx for the feedback

@Jasonda, you've see it right, its only a experiment, sry that i didn't say it before.
We havent many experience and little time. The webpage is also only a part of the project. That's why the page looks a bit like crap ^^

And because of that, we make a counter, we will attract a lot of peoples, thats one of our essential targets...


PS: Sry for my bad englisch :)
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