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Marketing!? how do i get shirts sold

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i can try all i want to get into local stores but they never respond, so how can i get shirts sold im trying to raise money for a public work space and i need to raise alot, selling t's would obv help but street vending isnt gonna be an option cuz fall and winter are coming. it seems impossable to sell shirts in this "off season"
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you can get more information about what im doing with that public space along with a bunch of my art "adventures" at my blog and look at the shirts i have so far on my myspace.


Most stores will want an established source and one that can produce hundreds or 1000s of product.. Can you do this...do you have a shop...without a storefront or being an established provider, I think you will find it hard to get into stores..You may have to bite the bullet (if you haven't) already and send a sample of your product to the store...also you don't state what venue you are doing, screen printing, DTG, ink or laser transfer...or..??

To be successful all year I would suggest you have more than just shirts..after all a hunter with only one arrow in his quiver only gets one shot...
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i do screen printing all the way, i do have a workshop BUT i def cant produce 1000's of shirts unless i had some helping hands im all on my own -_-
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