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I have been doing custom tees and sweats (mostly) for the local organizations with which I am associated -- my kids' schools, my kids' sports teams, the pool we belong to, etc.). Business has been pretty good, with word of mouth developing.

However, I want to do more. I want to be more efficient and effective in my marketing and I want to expand beyond my kids' stuff. I want to continue to focus on the local market, which is big enough.

I think the Decorating Calendar at Transfer Express is a good start.

Let's take June as an example :: June Sales Ideas | Transfer Express

Take a minute to read the ideas presented there and then give your suggestions and insight, please:
  • When would you start approaching potential customers for their business, for events that happen in June? (This current Spring sports session is a good example of what I did wrong. I approached several coaches at the very beginning of their season -- right before practices would begin -- and they all told me they had already ordered. I was too late. When should I have approached them?)
  • Who do you approach? For schools, I usually e-mail the principal or the teachers in charge of certain organizations. For high school sports, I will contact the coach or the Athletic Director. But what about camps? or 5Ks? or golf tournaments? Who would you approach for sales?
  • What is the best way to contact them? I prefer e-mail but is that an effective approach? Should I call instead?
I am looking for your tips, suggestions, lessons learned, and/or advice on marketing calendars and timelines.



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I got this reply from transfer Express:


Thank you for the email.

You would typically start selling a month before.

Who to contact depends on the school--booster groups or PTA/PTO are a great start. Who makes the decision at your kids school?

You can start with an email, use Easy View to add designs with their school name on the email. Visuals will do the selling. Create a sales flyer and attach it to email.

Then follow up with a phone call

Thank You
Anyone want to add anything?
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