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Hello to all! I am going a little crazy trying to determine how to price my screen printing services. I have been around the block and back, as far as researching the average mark-ups and screen printing prices out there. However, my start-up business is in Nicaragua, or will be in Nicaragua. I know there are lots of things to consider as far as pricing goes. With that said, I live in a very touristy town, with expats moving in and starting businesses on the daily. Therefore, there is quite a bit of room for me to profit in this business, due to the amount of competition restaurant owners, hotel owners, fishing and surfing charters, etc. have amongst each other. With that said, there will still ALWAYS be the "this is nicaragua, not the u.s." approach when it comes to costs on anything, and everything! Anyways, I feel like every time I try to come up with prices that will allow me to profit; I end up back at square one. If ANYONE has any advice for me on how to go about pricing my services, I would LOVE to hear from you!!
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