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Manoukian and Kiian sublimation ink

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Are Manoukian and Kiian same ink? Who supplies these in the US? Any info on pricing?

I heard that Manoukian has the best (or darkest) black, saying that he is using Manoukian for black and some off brand ink for other colors.

Can somebody shed some light on this?
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I sold Manoukian back in the day. TW graphics is the supplier for US market. My job when I worked for TW was to go to clients that had switched inks and re-profile Manoukian to match the better colors. I was always able to do this, no matter what inks I saw in the printer. Now that I sell J-Teck, I know there are better inks out there and I can get excellent results with it. It really comes down to how the profile is created.

Daniel Schelin
Digitally Driven, LLC
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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