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Lots of helpful feedback here. Thanks for sharing.

Would definitely have to agree with @johnconvoy here in regards to the online designer tools.

I think there's a ton of value to creating online stores where you are listing pre-designed product for a specific company, school, cause, etc. And platforms like InkSoft or DecoNetwork and others allow you to do that as well.

But unless you are really driving a lot of traffic to your site, I'm not sure you can get a really good return on the online designer tools.
I've talked with quite a few shop owners and a lot of them don't generate much revenue from the online designer.

To give a real world example:

- My wife would definitely spend an hour designing a single t-shirt for one of our daughters and happily pay $25-30 for it.

- A business owner who's ordering $1500 worth of screen printed shirts to giveaway at an event is more likely to pay a professional to handle the artwork for them, instead of spending an hour of their time trying to design their own.

Getting back to the original topic,
I wish I could actually count all the hours we spent trying to find the right software in my old shop. Probably 100s of hrs.

I actually put together a buyers guide in an effort to help others find the right software for their shop.

You can find it here - https://www.inksauce.io/shop-management-software/
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