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Mall Custom T-Shirt Store?

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Most likely no one will know the answer to this but just asking anyway.

Was browsing at one of those custom t-shirt mall stores. They had a variety of shirts being offered that were multicolor on ark shirts and the lettering was not connected. I could not see all the equipment they had but there definitely was not a DTG printer and they definitely were not screen printed.

What other options were they using to accomplish this?

I know when I print a heat transfer through my printer (pigment ink) everything needs to be connected so they can be transferred over the shirt, and I can separate text with my laser printer but it can only be one color.

Most likely not plastisol transfers as they customize them on the spot for you.

Any ideas on what they can be using to accomplish this?
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my local mall has a shirt guy in it and he has folder after folder of heat transfers and a cameo3 and tons of vinyl, but his set up might be different then your guy.
There are self-weeding full-color laser transfer papers. But their use involves that (potentially) fiddly step of pressing Sheet A to Sheet B and peeling, and then pressing the result to the shirt.
Could be an eco solvent printer/cutter.
Full color on dark shirts and does not need to be connected.
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