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Making black ink

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I am just curious if anyone else makes their own black ink. I bought a quart of black ink months ago and have never had to buy any since. What I do is when I am cleaning my screens of ink after a job I simy take a spatula of ink from each screen and put it in the empty bucket of black I was throwing out. After I mix all the colors together it is just like a normal black.

Does anyo.e else do this.or mix other colors.to save.money?

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I've done that to extend my black in a pinch.

But since black is pretty much the least expensive of ink colors and the most widely used I think it's less expensive to just buy and keep black.

Seems like you're essentially using more expensive inks (which you'll of course run out of and have to buy) to produce a close version of a less expensive one :confused:
Well not really, you know you are scrapping your screens clean when I get to that last scrape I just clean off the spatula into my black container, normally I would just clean the spat on a shirt wasting the ink any way.

And since black is a color I use often for me it works out well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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