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Hey Guys and Gals

I have been having a complete nightmare the last month. I have decided to attempt to get into t shirt screen printing. Starting with a simple one colour t shirt.

The issue is making the screen 馃槶. The screen I have is a 77T mesh and I am using Flat fox emulsion. I have made a exposure unit using a LED Floodlight I got out of B&Q (British hardware store). Today marked my 4th attempt at trying to do it.

Todays exposure time was 13 minutes the most I've done. Unfortunately again the design wasted out although this time it wasn't as bad as the previous ones. Is this a case of just needing to increase the exposure time ? I'm going to put it up to 15/16 minutes to see does that help. This exposure time seems excessive when reading others journeys. Would this be a case that the LED Floodlight isn't emitting enough UV light ?

I have attached the photo of the screen after a wash.

Please can anyone help.

Normally after exposure I wet the screen and let it sit for approximately 30 seconds. I then use a hose to attempt to wash the design out. I wash it from the outside side of the screen.

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So I'm new as well but looks to me (since your exposure time is so high) you need to wash and degrease the screens a little better, but hopefully a more experienced person will chime in.
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