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Major categories of t-shirt designs...

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I'm working on a little project...maybe you guys can help me out.

What would be considered the major categories for designs out there?

I'm thinking things like Retro, Vintage, Outdoor, Streetwear, Urban, Funny, Surf, etc...

How would you categorize your designs?

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Are you looking for ad words for your shirts?? cause really all of those are major categories and I would stick with those basics..

maybe consolidate (Retro, Vintage) (Street wear, Urban).. just my opinion
I see a lot of designs that don't seem to fit a standard category and my curiosity is up...

"Edgy" was category that my wife suggested for some.....and I guess "spiritual" might be another to add to the list.

Just curious how designers would consider labeling their work?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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