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hey all-

don't know if this is the right category of the forum or not but was wondering if anyone is familiar with the majestic brand of athletic jerseys, baseball in particular.

i have an old indians jersey that i purchased probably 10+ yrs. ago. now that i'm into garment decor i always check out the way certain shirts were done. well on this jersey it's got an embroidered indians logo on front left chest, a patch on lower front with the mlb logo along next to the majestic patch of the same size. the thing i'm most interested in is a majestic logo on the sleeve of the jersey. it's cut-out like it went through a plotter but the material almost feels like rubber. does anyone know what this is or what process was used to create this. when i feel it, it doesn't have the double layered hand to it. it almost feels as though the black was screenprinted onto a white rubbery material and then cut out. is this possible?

thanks in advance for any help. -peace.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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