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Magic Touch vs Sun Angel Printers

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Hi, fairly new to this and based in the UK.

I am a graphic designer who has just started selling t-shirts as a sideline. I've had 3 designs screen printed in batches of 50 but I'm looking for a more ad-hoc and personalised solution.

I am now looking at Magic Touch or Sun Angel printers. Sun Angel now offer CMYW printers rather than the ones that go through in two passes.

I am just wondering if anyone has experience of either of these and what their view is in terms of print quality, durability vs screen print, cost of a typical print per shirt etc.

I am just trying to decide whether to take the plunge or continue to outsource. I was hoping that Teespring would be a good solution, but the quality of the sample shirts they sent me were disappointing.

Sun Angel printers are much cheaper than Magic Touch, is there much difference in quality?

Thanks in advance.
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