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I have been watching all the different forums on making a DTG printer and finally decided to post my discovery here.
I have made a DTG printer using an epson c88 $89.00 printer. I have maybe 150.00 in the equipment and supplies including the bulk ink system.

No, I cannot print white ink but I think this is a start for an affordable DTG printer.

Anyone who would like to help me improve the setup I made, I will be glad to help as long as everyone has an open mind and understands I'm NOT making these to sell, just to help so everyone can have an affordable DTG solution, and the agreement is that your discoveries can also be shared with me and everyone and not to be sold.

I will be posting a video on a website soon so everyone can see it is for real.
I will accept any feedback or suggestions being negative or positive.

Just wanted to see what kind of response I get before giving more info on the subject.

Added by Rodney on July 20, 2009:

Adding these quick links to answers to common questions asked in this very long thread :)

Q: Where is the first set of plans?

A: Here's the PDF link

Q: Where's the second set of plans?

A: Here's the PDF link

Q: Has anybody actually successfully made their own DTG printer that prints using these plans?

A: Yes :)

Q: Where can I find more resources for building my own DTG?

A: Read here: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/diy-dtg/t63379.html

A: Post your question in the diydtg section here at t-shirtforums.

finally after wondering around this forum ... i reached this thread ... and found some plans that would satisfy that buzz hovering around my head ... :D

my guess is that the fine tuning is in the INK and software calibrations ? yes?

(and now ... wheres that cheap epson printer at ... )
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