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I had bought a new Brother PR650 in 2009. This was my second 6 needle machine from brother. Well i then added a Toyota AD860 and man what a difference. Faster better stitches than on the Pr620 and Pr650. Sold the PR620. So now i went out and got a SWF/B T1201-C to try and what a difference it was from what i had. I liked it so much i traded my Pr650 for a SWF/B T601-B and have been using it for all my work. I love being in control of all the settings and features in this type of machine. It is much faster, quiet, well made than the Brother PR line. I even had a Ed a tech for SWF came and did a tune up one both of my machines and he was great. To make a long story short, I love SWF and will always use them.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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