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I posted this on the rhinestone forum as well. There has to be someone out there doing rhinestone work on a Mac?

So after years of wanting to switch to a Mac, I finally did but it has left me in a precarious position. On my PC I had Adobe Illustrator, but used CorelDRAW X5 for my rhinestone designing as more macro options were available. So when I bought my Mac this week, I sat down to download the CorelDRAW software and to my surprise (guess I should have looked into this prior, but come on I think it was a viable assumption), I discovered that CorelDRAW does not exist as a Mac download. It was suggested that I use BootCamp to allow windows to run on my Mac, at which point I can download the windows version of Corel. I'm just not on board with that solution. I don't want to run windows on my Mac.

I would gladly use AI instead, but rhinestone macros are practically nonexistent and the ones that do exist are primitive at best. (I started a discussion on this subject awhile back. Specifically it blows my mind that a computer that's known to excel for design or graphic work, has been virtually ignored by the apparel decorating industry!).

So, my question is directed to rhinestone designers who work on a Mac. What design software and rhinestone macro do you use? I was so excited to get the Mac and am loving it so far, there has to be a way!
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