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M&R Tri-Lock

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I am looking into getting the Tri-Lock system from M&R. I am looking for pros and cons. Will this system cut my setup times in half or better?
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Tony, from what I've seen with the Tri-Loc systems, it will cut your set up times by very large margins. You register your film on the light table, so it's much quicker. I've seen M&R at a show set up a 9 color job in less than 2 minutes with perfect registration. I was extremely impressed.
We use one and it works very well. It all starts with the films and burning screens. If time is taken there it saves multiple folds at the press.
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Do the carrier sheets effect the integrity of the exposure at all?
No the carrier sheet is put to the non print side of film and has less than a 2% effect on exposure. I had a trilock demo but I am really interested in the bullseye but would have liked them to but a 18x20 option on the jig. And my platens are 15" so I'll have to buy some new one for set up.

I don't like using the bigger screens when the job doesn't call for them.
we were lucky to get a DTS at the same time as the trilock. if the screen is placed in the printer correctly, it is accurate. and any adjustments we have to make are just a fraction. honestly it is more likely to be 100% dead on than even a little off. it probably saves us more than an hour a day, and has made our busy season managable.
I'll need to look into this now that I've read these posts. When I first looked at their website years ago, it said that the screens would be in nearly perfect registration, requiring only small adjustments, and I thought "Hell, that's how it is when you set up a job anyway, because you can get it nearly perfect by visually registering the screens." "Nearly perfect" wouldn't save me any time, but if it was dead on, now that would be a real time saver.
Neil I can tell you from experience, I have now had a Vastex reg system, M&R tri-loc, and a newman pin registration system. Here is my take on each as well as a over all take on them.

First if your using the Carrier sheets and films near perfect can be had on the M&R and Newman. The Vastex is ok but the results varied greatly although this may have been due that I use all roller frames. But over all if you take time to line up the films properly perfect to near perfect results can be had. I already made all the statement needed on the Vastex

M&R. I use 2 size frames. 23x26 and 23x28. My original post I was using 18x20. I had to modify a 23x31 tri-loc. They are specific to frame size. So if you have multiple sizes you need multiple kits or modify.

The Newman is slightly more versitable if using roller frames as I do and it only work with the roller frames. The MZX kit will work with all MZX frames 18x20 - 23x31 but you have to use the same size on each job. The M3 works with several different sizes not sure what diffrent widths it works with and length is not a issue.

Honestly if your using aluminum statics you could build a reg system that works as well as any of the commercial reg systems.

The M&R IMO works better with statics then rollers unless you are perfectly square and level with every roller frame. The way the Newman system works it will still work if not perfectly square when using films and carrier sheets.

As the post above yours states the M&R will have near perfect if not perfect with DTS or CTS system. So will the Newman if the frames are all square with DTS or CTS.

Basically for all of us who don't have the large budget to purchase a DTS, CTS and using films and carrier sheets the perfect lies in getting the films lined up on the carrier sheets. There are ways to eliminate the carrier sheets on both the M&R and Newman systems and there is a good thread here on doing so. If you can find it its the one I used to make my DIY system that worked very well. I sold the DIY system with some of my static frames and never tried it with the rollers. Sorry for the long post and jumping around but I hope some find the info useful.
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