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M&R Sidewinder 6/6 Manual Press (w/ air clamps & side clamps) - Vastex E-1000 Exposure Unit - Two 18x24 Flash Dryers ( Super Seca and Black Flash )

Excellent condition used equipment - only selling because we have upgraded to larger versions of each of these recently and no longer need these items.

2013 M&R Sidewinder Manual Press - $7500 (We paid $10,000 new for the 6/6 press plus air locks, side clamps and all of the pallets

-Has air lock side clamps (this is a dream if you are swapping screens a lot)

-Comes with 6 Adult Pallets, 5 Sleeve Pallets, 3 Youth Pallets and 2 Short Pallets for neck labels

-All heads down set up so you can have multiple people on the press at once

-Has braking caster wheels installed so it is easy to move around
the shop when you reorganize or do that seasonal sweep!

2011 Vastex E-1000 Exposure Unit - $750 (MSRP $1428 New)

-Unfiltered UV bulbs
-Vacuum Cover
-Precision Timer
-Screen Capacity 21" x 24"
-Exposure time ~ 1 min. depending on emulsion type
-110V Plug

2011 Black Flash - Flash Dryer 18" x 24" - $500 (MSRP $875)

2011 Workhorse Super Seca Flash Dryer 18" x 24" w/ Auto Rotation Unit - $800 (MSRP $770 for flash and +$820 for Auto Rotation)

-Auto rotation not pictured (it's in storage) but pictures can be provided by request


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