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Hey, I don't know if anyone can help with this, we're having issues with out Gauntlet Revolver and I was hoping someone may have been through something similar and may know the solution? Full details below and any help is much appreciated!!

Machine: M&R Gauntlet Series II
Serial Number: 039729788G
Machine: 0035
Model: GTR216X18-12-10

Issues On Alarm Screen: Index On Prox Alarm / Servo on Prox Alarm / Motion Card

July 12th Machine was still working on a 1 colour print at 10.15pm. Another shift started at 5am, 13th July and machine wasn’t working. Machine was turned off the same as usual, Air Drained from machine and compressor. Compressor, Fridge/Air Freezer and machine turned off on machines and then at plugs. No extra work was conducted in between. Machine now will not spin, the table will not raise, the print functions will not work, the machine will not locate home position.

What we have noticed so far is that the Servo (In the orange casing underneath the machine) does not turn when the machine is turned on which is unusual which doesn’t change with the air on or off. All the individual components work when you press the relays eg, all 10 print heads move from the forwards to the backwards position. The Table Still Raises, the indexer (The arm just above the servo) still slides in and out of position fine. All this only happens when you press the corresponding relays. We’ve spoken to one of the engineers on the phone from Screen Print World who suggested it could be the batter in the Servo Amplifier (The White Box) however, our machine doesn’t have a battery because of the way it was made. They did say we need to replace the battery in the PLC because of the age of it and said they would replace it today however, they didn’t. They also said they don’t think the issue is with the PLC as the errors that are coming up are not PLC related.

The Engineer that came today said that input module is not receiving a signal from either the Emergency Stop button nor the Reset Button. I’ve driven up to Blackburn to buy a new (reconditioned) unit and we’re still having the exact same issue as before which leads me to believe it’s not an issue with this. When we press the emergency stop button nothing happens, the air doesn’t dump and the machine doesn’t lose all air pressure, there is still resistance in all heads. When we press the reset button nothing seems to happen either from a visual capacity.

To try and eliminate a few components and processes we’ve found out that by turning all print heads on and turning all the carriages in to the front position (Away from the machine) and pressing the reset button that all the carriages move. This eliminates mechanical issues with the print heads, as well as with all the buttons for the print heads and finally the reset button. The carriages only move once you press the reset button which would deduct that the reset button is sending a signal and the input and output modules are working in that capacity. To move on we’ve already mentioned that by pressing the relay the table will raise and lower thus removing the possibility of a mechanical issue with that. We’re not sure how the engineer from earlier did it but he was able to press a relay that dumped the air leading us to believe that it cannot be an issue with the emergency dump valve. We’ve also been on the hardware test panel where we’ve checked the index sensor. When moved off home position it changes to off and the light on the sensor goes out. When moved back to home position the light on the sensor comes back on again and the screen shows the sensor at the ‘on’ status. We have also noticed when going through this list that head 4’s proximity say’s off whereas all the others say on. We’ve tried to change this however, not matter if the head is in the forward, back or middle position the screen always says off. We thought this might be an issue until we checked all other heads and when you move one of them, all the heads say on no matter what position they are in. We then wondered if the issue was because head 4 said it was off the prox switch however, it would be extremely unusual for this to happen to both switches at the same time? If not impossible?

The only button/item we can’t test or we’re not sure how to is the Emergency Stop button. When we press it the alarm comes on screen to say it’s been pressed so it’s shorting the switch to tell the screen to display an alarm however, it does nothing to the machine. So the button works but would this be a cable between the emergency alarm and the PLC? The machine has beeped at us a bit in the last 5 years since we bought it from Screenprint World however, we never knew what it was so we’ve never replaced the battery.

We have had issues in the past where the emergency dump valve has filled with water and failed and we’ve had to get it fixed or buy a new one however, that was years ago and we bought a Fridge/Freezer for the compressor to solve this. We’ve also taken this apart and made sure there is no water in it which is correct.

A few things to note, we have recently greased the machine which do almost every month or so to make sure it never ceases. We have also recently topped up the oil.

Sorry for the essay!
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