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M&R Challenger out of registration

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M&R Challenger 14 color mid 1990's looking for someone in the the midwest that can register the bearings to the forks. Located in Cadillac Michigan [email protected] 1-800-331-5251
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You know M&R is in the Chicago area...that is the midwest, I have to believe they can recommend someone to come and fix your press...
Thanks I know M&R just thought there might be an independent out there that could do it. Checked out your website you do very nice work, might be in touch thinking of doing a resort line could use your help. Chuck
I am always looking for work.. I had pretty good sized, 21,500 sq feet that a bank, china and me screwed up.. walked away on 9/11/01.. turned out the lights and went home.. but have lot of art and fairly creative so look me up when you are ready.. I could maybe fix the M&R.. I bet you could find directions on you tube but you need a wrench and a hammer..LOL


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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