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Lowrider Press/Dryer

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I am thinking about buying the 6/4 Lowrider combo (Press/Dryer) from Ryonet. Got a 12X14 sq. foot area to work with so I kinda like the fact that the dryer is underneath the Press. Has anyone heard anything about this product? My budget is $13,000 and need to get a complete package from one company. Any help would be appreciated!
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It doesn't look to bad. Make sure you get the press with micros instead of joystick registration, it will make your life easier. Since the dryer is under the press I would avoid using aerosol spray tack so the overspray doesn't gunk up the dryer. Go with textac or any other water based adhesive that you apply manually, it's the safer way to go anyway. I've never personally used the lowrider, but from videos it looks like a nice little space saver and I'm sure you'll be happy with it.
Thanks for the info.. I'm torn now cuz I recently talked to a brown mfg rep and he really helped me out. I've seen there machines and they really feel sturdy.
True, I'm not sure how their presses are. If space is the concern the lowrider seems to be a winner.
I do not have the low rider, but I do have the Riley Hopkins 6/4 from Ryonet. I purchased their package that came with a little buddy dryer and a bunch of other stuff. The low rider came out a month or so after I purchased the other package. I to would suggest getting the micro registration. I have the joystick, as it was my first press, and did not know better. Now I wish I had the micro, but no way to convert the press I have. The press is sturdy and I have had no problems with it. Wish I would have waited a bit, as I would have opted for the lowrider as it is a bigger dryer and everything is in one convenient area. Never really had any problems with Ryonet, except for the fact that shipping kills me being all the way in Hawaii. I know, not their fault, but still sucks. Aloha
I believe lawson has a over/ under setup too. The twin express.
how's the heat when you're printing ? Does it feel really uncomfortable or the vents are good enough to make that area above feel normal ?
I'm sure the dryer has that cool skin technology, as most new dryers these days do I believe. So the working environment might be a little warmer, but it shouldn't be terrible.
The Riley Hopkins presses are high end, well made, excellent presses. I've got the 8/4 with joystick and although like anything else, there's a learning curve to using it, it's been really good. No problems.

I've also been at the Ryonet classes where that Lowrider press was in use and it's wonderful.
Yeah, the heat is really contained and the dryer works really well.
I've got to say that you can't go wrong with it.

I've even been to Riley's (Hopkins) shop where they manufacture their presses. Nothing but high end materials used. They overbuild their presses.
I have both a Brown and Hopkins press. I don't have the lowrider but I have a 6/4. My Brown is an older version 4/4 side clamps. With 13,000 you should be able to get a press and a dryer without having to get a bundle package.

I would go with the Brown press over the Hopkins. Either way get the micro for sure. The Hopkins press was also my first press and they talked me into the joystick...bad idea. There is a reason the micro is more expensive....it's better.

The Brown just has better registration. The Hopkins uses nylon nuts which can wear down. The Brown uses a hardend steel pin against steel markers...holds like a dream.

The other difference between the two is the side clamps on the Brown, and the rear clamp on the Hopkins. Side clamps just limit you to much. You can't move the screen around like a rear clamp.

Last difference between the two that I can think of is that there are a ton of different adjustment features on the Brown...almost too much. The setup time on the Hopkins is considerably lower.

Both good presses, can't go wrong with either one. There are many other good brands out there too. Ranar has a good press as does M & R. Best bet is to go to a show like ISS and look at them all. If you buy a floor model you can get a great discount too.
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thanks everyone for your info.. ya I probably will go to the ISS show in Ft Worth at the end of this month.. Im leaning towards the brown Press just because a couple people have them where I'm from and they swear by them.
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