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After a nice long day of printing, and my neos running strong. We did just over 500 pieces with the 3 of us.(2 printers and one packer) 1 channel drop all day, but still had enough white underbase for. It not to be ruined. Room humidity is low around 40. The bed length was a huge help with the easy rip layouts to drag and drop. Printer just kept running and I just kept loading. Jobs consisted of 330 whites170 color.200 were one off shirts 300 where same image for a great flow. I'm happy I have this printer and the suppert when need it.

P.s, Ido not want to see any type debate in here about another printer if I had 7 of xxxx printers I could have done 600.because all these companies base there timing off of one shirt printed and not timing of day12 different shirts in a row. It's me just happy to have neos.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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