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Lost and Unsure

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Hi everyone, I am very new to this forum but I know it's the place to go to ask questions for young t-shirt businesses. I created my t-shirt company about a year ago and business is slow. I have a website, and I just have inventory sitting around and I've tried everything I can think of; going into local shops, contacting buyer offices of big retailers like Hot Topic (who never call or answer back I might add), and online marketing through facebook (haven't gotten the hang of twitter yet and I have a myspace but rarely anyone uses myspace anymore so I don't do anything with it). My printer says that where I need to go is a trade show to get my stuff out there, only problem is I don't know which one would be suited for my designs and I'm not sure I am doing all I can with networking. Please I need brutal honesty and any tips on presentation, where to go, things to do with networking, etc. would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info just say.
My site is Brootal Doodle Apparel take a look and tell me what you thinking.

Thank you
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try UFC and MMA stores and fight venues ??
I feel like the shirts are geared at the "Goth" crowd as we used to call them. They look anti- establishment.. teenagers that want to be different (but they all look the same in black..)
Even your models are not smiling, looking like the teen rebelling look.
I'd wear some around the malls or wherever they hang out now. Can you put a small ad in local high school paper? Flyer up at hangouts, give a couple away free since you have alot of inventory just sitting around. Maybe to the kid who works at a store that these kids frequent, ask him to wear it to work a few times and give out your card. Good luck !
I like your website and your designs....pretty cool and it appears you have put a lot of work into this. I would probably wear some of it. What loses me is the "Brootal Doodle" title that is written on the shirt. I like the name of your company....but in my opinion, it is the type of name that should be on your tag or worn by you and used for company business...and not featured on the shirt. The name seems cute and clever to me, but not something that your target crowd would likely be drawn to...on a tag sure, but not on their chest, etc.

I think if you focused more on the art...and let the brand name take a back seat on your product tags...you would sell more shirts...especially to a company that might want to carry them. Companies like Hot Topic carry a lot of image shirts...but most of their shirts (if not all of them) do not feature the t-shirt company name on them. Even the most established ones do not tend to feature their company name on the shirts...they just focus on the licensed material or their own custom artwork. Just my .02 Keep at it...you have a good thing going and it can succeed if you just keep after it.
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