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Looking to upgrade to a DTG Printer from Vinyl

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I hope this a is a good place to ask.

I'm wanting to get more proficient getting my shirts out the door and am looking at DTG Printers. What kind of advice can you give me on DTG Printers?

What is the best one to start off with? Right now I do dark color and light colored shirts.

Has anyone else went from vinyl to dtg? What is the learning curve like?

Any help would be great!
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Hi Ashley. I have had both the light and dark printing Brother DTG. Learning curve is fairly easy so long as you have some graphic design and photo editing skills/experience. I have a Brother with the white ink currently and I am trying to move away from it. I just do use the system enough in my shop. But I am sure if you are busy day in an out with vinyl, a printer like this would be worth the investment.
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