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Looking to Start New Business

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I am interested in starting a business using heat transfers. I am mostly looking to go to tournaments and events and print out customized shirts on site. I saw this done in Canada at a tournament and they guy pretty much sold out. Any advice or suggestions anyone could give me on whether or not this is a profitable idea of not. Thanks.
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Yea, you can make money at it. Many of us here make money in the t-shirt biz. If you have good designs and work hard you can be successfull at it.
I don't think anyone in my area has a heat press and goes to tournaments. Do you do anything like that? What is the average start-up cost? Do you make your own transfer out of an at home printer?
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What is the average start-up cost?
You can check through some of the suppliers that we have listed as sponsors in our left hand navigation menu (bestblanks, imprintables.com, coastal business, etc) to get an idea of the equipment costs.

You would probably need a heat press, transfer paper, an epson printer at the very least. Maybe a vinyl/optical cutter, and some vinyl sheets if you want to do vinyl 1-3 color transfers.

If noone is doing it in your area, it sounds like a great opportunity. Especially if you already saw it work well for a person in a similar market (just a different region).

Once you have your business plan down and figure out whether or not it's for you, I say "go for it!" :) We're here to help if you have questions along the way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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