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hey everyone. i thought i already posted an intro, but it didn't stick apparently.

i've been wanting to start my own teeshirt brand specifically based on bicycling and environmental themes, but have had a bunch of ideas for comedic slogans too.

i joined this site to learn the basics, though i have built screens for a mug printer. man did i ever hate the nasty epoxy and activator i used.

i want to use made in USA tees and use environmentally friendly soy based inks and citrus solvents etc. i guess that means no printing white on black tees. oh well.

i'll share whatever info i can as i've worked over a decade in traditional print shops and have graphics experience.

i want to also start a graphic design and website design business so i have a few sources of revenue to fall back on, and want to do everything in house with the teeshirts as i'm an artist, and DIY is pretty cheap.

hopefully my ideas will sell, if not create a teeshirt empire. i'm not holding my breath for that.

i'm your newest competitor and curse you "treehugger", whoever you are for taking the name i wanted, and you too "bicyclist" LOL

it's hard to have an original idea.
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